Craving the perfect roasted lamb shoulder? Papa Roast Lamb is here

By Mohani Niza

  • Papa Roast Lamb, a labour of love by a family in Ampang, specialises only in roasted lamb shoulders and lamb puff pastry.
  • The lamb has a nice flavour and texture to it, thanks to 8 years of experimentation.
  • Even though Papa Roast Lamb costs a bit, it is worth the money.

Lamb is a quintessential Malaysian favourite, especially among the Malay community, perhaps due to the influence of Arab culture.

That said, lamb can be expensive and you might not get the bang of your buck with just any cuts, so you might as well pay for something that is worth your money.

This is where Papa Roast Lamb comes in, with their premium roasted lamb shoulders.

What began as a habit in treating their friends to this delicacy sparked the idea to turn it into a business.

“The business began because we have always liked lamb,” the family told The Culture Review Mag when met at their house in Ampang, Selangor, where they operate. “We used to often serve it to people, and they asked if we could make more for them.”

Tender and succulent, Papa Roast Lamb is a satisfying treat for all meat lovers.

Serious business

The business uses New Zealand lamb – arguably one of the world’s best (NZ, after all, is the largest exporter of lamb in the world).

Here, everything is made sure it is done well: first, the lamb is naturally defrosted. It is then marinated for eight hours and then cooked for six hours.

Faiz, their 31-year-old son and chef, is strict when it comes to utensils, techniques, hygiene and in not letting anyone else in the kitchen when he is cooking.

What’s more, the recipe didn’t come over night: It has been perfected through eight years of experimentation.

“We had to try every day, through trial and error,” the family said of the early days of the business.

You can taste this labour of love as the knife cuts through seamlessly into the meat and the fat melts in your mouth, making you crave for more. Eat it immediately to thoroughly enjoy the moist and tender meat.

You can truly enjoy the taste of the lamb, as there is no smell of burnt meat. Furthermore, the taste of the lamb is not overpowered by herbs, which can sometimes happen when we cook lamb.

“We make sure to really preserve the taste of the lamb,” the family said, owning that as their secret to success.

Don’t also forget to order their lamb puff pastry, which is a nice treat to have with your evening tea.

Papa Roast Lamb specializes only in roasted lamb shoulders and lamb puff pastry, therefore guaranteeing you of high quality.

Their lamb puff pastry is nice to have with evening tea.

Every one of their customers has been a repeat customer.

I have only tried Papa Roast Lamb once but I plan to order it again. I highly recommend eating the lamb shoulders with a plate of baked potatoes on a rainy day.

By the way, the roasted lamb shoulders come in a sophisticated, professionally-designed box, which makes the delicacy a really nice gift idea.

Papa Roast Lamb is especially perfect for families, couples who are busy to cook, and young professionals – even though if you ask me, everyone should treat themselves to this comfort food when they can.

The premium roasted lamb shoulder, weighing 2 kg, is priced at RM195. Please place your order two days in advance.

The lamb puff pastry, which can be ordered fresh off the oven or frozen, is priced at RM36 and comes in a set of four delicious pieces.

All orders are through pick-up only.

Visit their Instagram to order.