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Art, culture, human rights and politics with a Southeast Asian perspective

About TCR Mag

The Culture Review Mag (TCR Mag) is a website dedicated to art, culture, human rights and politics from a Southeast Asian perspective.

We publish news, interviews and reviews on various topics including movies, music, books, food, traveling and photography, as well as essays (fiction and non-fiction).

Our strength is in the rich tapestry of art & culture topics we cover. We think global. Some of the content that you can expect here include independent artists, art house movies, queer cinema, world literature, food reviews from across cultures, music from the Islamic world, travel photography, modern interpretations of Southeast Asian folklore and many more.

We also deliver in-depth quality articles on socio-economic issues and human rights issues around Southeast Asia, with the hope to inspire better attitude, laws and policy in the region.

Since our inception in early 2019, we have gained visibility among PR companies particularly in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Slowly, we have built a small yet thriving readership from all over the world.

For tips, advertisements, collaborations and other matters, email us at (addressed to Mohani Niza).

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We now welcome pitches! All work is fairly renumerated. Email us with your best story ideas and we’ll take from there.

About Mohani Niza

Mohani graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of South Australia (via its external program at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Malaysia) in 2011 and has been in the media industry since. Aside from art & culture, she is also interested in how the media shapes public and social policy. A proud feminist, Mohani brings to the table 12 years of civil society experience.

View her portfolio here:

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