Call for stories by The Culture Review Mag: #Perantauan

By editor

In April, Malaysian author Preeta Samarasan, who is currently residing in France, wrote a heartfelt account about why she left her homeland (read her story here).

In that spirit, The Culture Review Mag is looking for more stories on the theme of ‘perantauan’ (Malay for ‘journey’).

Perhaps you are a Malaysian who is living abroad or planning to do so. Or perhaps you are staying put. Or maybe you went abroad and decided to return.

For those of you who are abroad, do you plan to come back or do you plan to remain abroad?

What does home mean to you? Do you consider Malaysia your home or is it somewhere else? What has made you leave Malaysia or what is making you remain put? For those who returned, what made you decide to do so?

Through your stories, we would like to interrogate some assumptions: Are we Malaysians compelled to stay in our homeland or should we leave when greener pastures beckon? Is there a right or wrong answer to this question or is the answer more nuanced?

TCR Mag wants to hear poignant first-hand accounts from Malaysians and ex-Malaysians on this topic. Your stories will be featured on the website.

Submit your stories (around 500 to 1000 words) to Mohani Niza, editor (

Feel free to also email if you have questions!